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My wife and I fought through the immigration system for 5 long years in an attempt at her naturalization. We worked close with other immigration attorneys and employed their methods, but these methods ultimately failed and my wife ended up in deportation proceedings. The odds of receiving a favorable judgment were stacked against us, and we faced unrelenting opposition from government attorneys. As we sought counsel to guide us through these proceedings, we were introduced to Leonor Perretta . Leonor’s experience and knowledge of immigration law and procedures far surpassed that of any immigration attorney we had worked with in the past. Thankfully, Leonor and her team took our case with confidence and didn’t stop fighting until they achieved the end result they desired. If it were not for Leonor’s professionalism, knowledge, and pure dedication I would not be afforded the company of my wife here in the United States, and I would certainly not have the quality of life that I have today.

-D.S from Mexico married to R.S. from the U.S

I am a U.S citizen and I married my husband ten years ago. He is from China and I applied for him to obtain the green card, but his case been denied twice after an interview because he entered the U.S. with someone else’s passport. I was so sad and developed depression because of that. After this I met Ms. Perretta who is a very professional immigration lawyer. She read all my files and carefully considered out situation. She asked me to keep going to see my doctor and keep the doctor’s records for at least one year. She wrote a brief to immigration who finally waived my husband’s entry. Ms. Perretta also edited the letter that I wrote to request the waiver for my husband. She took very good care of our case and always answered my questions immediately by e-mail. After she took over my case, we got a new interview and Immigration finally granted our case. My family and I were so grateful and I strongly to recommend Ms. Perretta to be your immigration lawyer. Because of her hard work, she changed my life.

- R.Z. from China

Leonor Perretta is a wonderful, extremely knowledgeable, professional attorney. You can be confident that she has the knowledge and expertise to get you the results you expect. My husband and I take pride in being with a firm that genuinely cares about our situation and has worked hard to keep us informed to protect our rights under the law. We both would highly recommend her to anyone who needs the expertise of an attorney during any immigration proceedings.

– Nancy Andresen & Ali Alikhan

Just when all hope is lost and no light can be seen, ask Leonor. She will give you all the options to consider and explain to you in detail but simple and straight forward. She always does her best to help you and I can’t ask more than that. The best attorney in the valley; very fast to respond to any questions. All of her associates are very nice and friendly and very fast to answer all your questions and all them speak Spanish. Thank you so much Leonor for your hard work

– T.K. from Cambodia

Shawn successfully represented me and my family in an asylum petition. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services granted us asylum . . . . and green cards the following year. When I think of Shawn, a few words come to my mind: professionalism, reliability and excellence. Shawn has a unique ability to connect with his clients and provide them with the best representation and support they need to make a convincing case. From the small details, such as returning calls and sending follow up emails, to the pre-requisite time investment in big legal matters, Shawn promises to deliver . . . with a smile. I have volumes to say. Shawn represented us passionately and vigorously. I wholeheartedly recommend Shawn Foster.

– C.A. from Pakistan

Yo estoy muy agradecida con Leonor Perreta por el interes que ella mostro cuando le comente mi situacion de emigracion en ese tiempo. Pues no solo me senti que ella estaba interesada en mi caso pero que tambien fue muy sincera conmigo y eso fue lo que mas me gusto de ella. Pues mi caso era algo dificil pues no podia salir del pais y mi padre estaba muy enfermo en Guatemala. Pero ella fue sincera y me dijo que no estaba segura de que pudiera regresar, pero al final gracias a Dios regrese y Leonor le dio gusto de verme y ahora gracias a sus servicios y su profesionalismo arregle mi situacion y obtuve mi green card. Ademas de ser una buena Abogada como persona es muy buena. Y si usted busca buenos servicios no hay duda que ella les ayudara en todo. Leonor , Gracias de nuevo de corazon.

– Elsa Rosales, de Guatemala

I am writing to extend my gratitude not only for the outcome of our case, also the courtesies shown me. My experience with you and your firm was exceptional. Your staff consistently made efforts in assisting my wife and me. The assistance rendered was invaluable. Our phone calls were promptly received; we rarely had questions since we were kept informed every step of the way. Everyone was knowledgeable and helpful. Ms. Guerra I never failed to be impressed by you. The passion you have for the work you do is evident, however, the compassion you have for humanity is overwhelming. Upon meeting with you for the first time we knew that we would be given a fair chance. You not only listened to us you also heard our every word. You were honest and straight forward. There were no idealized promises. The professionalism of you and your staff speaks volumes. The level of service that you provide is a rare find. Again, I thank you.

– Jacque Baratcart from the U.S.

I have known Leonor Perretta and her office legal services for about sixteen years now. Ms. Perretta has assisted me and my family with applying for work permits and visas, permanent residence application, and naturalization application as well. The whole office staff is very professional, friendly, and helpful, not only assisting with immigration legal advice but also with other special needs, including foreign language translations, out-of-state legal requirements, etc. My wife and I would certainly recommend Leonor Perretta and her staff, as we have in the past, to anyone seeking high quality legal immigration advice.

– Alex Kulikov from Russia

My husband is from Mexico and his case was recently approved in Immigration Court after an uphill battle. Our case was handled very professionally; we weren’t given false hope and were taken care of all the time. We were able to get responses to our questions quickly and thoroughly. We already recommend Perretta Law office to anyone in need of their services. My husband is from Mexico and his case was recently approved in Immigration Court after an uphill battle. Our case was handled very professionally; we weren’t given false hope and were taken care of all the time. We were able to get responses to our questions quickly and thoroughly. We already recommend Perretta Law office to anyone in need of their services.

– K.S. from Uruguay

My wife and I were represented in Immigration Court by J. Shawn Foster and have only good things to say about him and his work. He proved to be very professional, attentive to details and always went that extra mile for us. The case was not an easy one, and we are certain that Mr. Foster was the key to a successful resolution of our case. I would highly recommend J Shawn Foster as your immigration lawyer, a professional of the highest grade and real pleasure to work with.

– V.S. from Ukraine

Shawn, thank you for all your hard work on my behalf! Immigration law is confusing and difficult to maneuver. Shawn’s work was well researched and argued. As a result, my case in Immigration Court was resolved as expeditiously as possible and the outcome was what we had hoped for. Thanks for making it possible for me to stay in the U.S. with my family.

– J.C. from Colombia

We hired Shawn to help with a case for my brother when our previous attorney did not do anything. Shawn was very knowledgeable about the law and what to do and got the [criminal and immigration] cases dropped! Always friendly on the phone, honest, returns calls right away. Thank you so much! God bless your for what you did.

– TL from Ukraine

Shawn Foster represented me in a deportation proceeding. He met with me and my wife several times prior to court and was always honest, but most of all he was on top of the paper work we had to collect. He went the extra mile and thanks to his dedication we won. I was not deprted and was granted permanent residency. I highly recommend his services.

– VT from Mexico

Shawn provided timely advice and approached all obstacles with calm reason; he answered all of my questions and effectively prepared me for the requirements of my residency. Shawn’s presence during my immigration interview put me at ease as he had a great rapport with the immigration officials.

– PM from Canada

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Welcome to Perretta Law Office, experienced in all types of U.S. Immigration Law and representing individuals in all 50 states and abroad. Immigration Law is extremely complex and an area of law where having a trustworthy, honest attorney will significantly impact your case. Competent legal representation can make the difference between staying in the U.S. and being forced to leave.

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